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Information for the Congregation of PAUC
June 19, 2017
Next Steps -- Inspection by Buyer, Once Inspection is complete and the sale is final, we will begin removing items, and getting the property ready for the buyer to take possession on August 4th. We have lots of work to do and will be looking for volunteers to help out.

June 18, 2017.
The Final Service at our Wilton Street Location was held.

June 11, 2017

You might have heard rumours that "one" is dead or falling apart that is not true. We are just shifting gears.
"One" - Cooperative Ministry Committee - Deep in Our Hearts - "One Entity" - "One" divided into groups Spiritual Committee and Executive Committee - Vision Glenview, PAUC, Silver Falls and SASD joining together to form one faith community serving the communities from one new location.
The first phase of the project was to determine the feasibility of the vision. The Executive Committee has determined that it is feasible. The next steps would be to look at the sustainability and implementation.
Originally, we felt that Amalgamation would be the last step. As we worked on the project and started to detail the steps it became apparent that as so much depended on the churches joining together we should focus on Amalgamation first and then work out the details together. All congregations have the option of withdrawing from the project right up until the amalgamation takes effect. If you think about this, it makes sense to consider amalgamating first and then work out all of the details.
At the next executive meeting, we will begin focusing on Amalgamation. Stay tuned more info will follow.

Sale of PAUC not complete just one item we are still working on. The "Our Future" Committee over the years has compiled information through surveys and conversation with the congregation and the one thing that stood out was the desire to stay together as a church family. That and work with one has led us to stay together as a congregation and worship at a new location. Since it is difficult to sell churches, when we received an offer to purchase PAUC we felt that we should take advantage of it. We are not disbanding just moving. Park Avenue United will continue to exist and the Board and Trustees are still responsible for its operation. We will continue to control our finances including any proceeds we receive from the sale. It is our intent to put this money aside to be used for whatever future direction we decide on i.e. amalgamation. Our 2017 Budget was formulated with all expenses associated with the move and the hiring of a part time minister taken into consideration, as well. Therefore, it is essential that all members continue their financial support and worship with us at our new location.
Our new location in the Luxor Temple will serve us well. It has been newly renovated and it is accessible! I have received questions about the Parking. There is a total of 20 parking spaces at the front and rear of the building. Also, as the street is a dead end, there is no problem parking along the guard rail that overlooks Rothesay avenue. This should easily accommodate our parking for Sunday services. If more parking space is needed we can also use the side street.

Our first service at the new location is scheduled for Sept. 10th. Our new Part-time Minister Rev. Elizabeth Stevenson will lead Sunday services on two Sundays every month and be available for emergency pastoral care at anytime. Tracy Friars will lead our worship services for the other two services. Elizabeth and Tracy will work together to maintain continuity in our services.
This week we hope to finalize the sale. In any case the last Service at Park Ave will be on June
18th, as the closing date is August 4th. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, a Trustee or any Board Member.

2017-06-11 Thanks for the update this morning and for all the hard work to-date. Walter