OCTOBER 3, 2017

The Park Avenue United Church Board met on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 at
14 McLaughlin Crescent in Saint John with the following members in attendance.
Allison Capson (Board Chair); Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson; Howard Carle; Linda
Clarke; Bill Drew; Darlene Friars; Tracy Friars; Daryl Hamilton; Mary Lou Harrison;
Bob Lynch; Betty MacDougall; Doris Messer; Victor & Betty Messer; Brian Walker;
Janet Capson.
Absentees: Maureen Adamson (Board Secretary); Gerry Hamilton; Jean Stevens.

Allison welcomed those in attendance, and invited Rev. Dr. Stevenson to give the
opening prayer.

BOUQUETS OF THANKS: Rev. Dr. Stevenson acknowledged Bob Lynch and his family
for providing meals for Maureen Adamson during this difficult time while her husband,
Bill, is in hospital. She, also, thanked all who visited Bill, and those who sent cards.

Every Shriner is a Mason, but not every Mason is a Shriner. The Masons are one of the
oldest male fraternities in the world. In the early 1900's, members felt along with the
Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth, there needed to be a fraternity
based on fun which became the Shriners. There is a Luxor Motor Corp Unit; a Luxor
Railway Unit; and a Luxor Clown Unit. There are 625 members in New Brunswick, and
the female section of the Shriners is known as the Daughters of the Nile. The Shriners
needed a purpose, and in 1925 a hospital was built in Montreal to care for children with
orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lips and palates. The Montreal
hospital was just replaced last year. Shriners raise all money for the medical care of these
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3, 2017

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children up to the age of 18. In addition, they raise funding for transportation costs for treatment.
At the conclusion of his presentation, Barry addressed the following issues pertaining to our
rental at the Shriners' building.
--Christmas Tree. The Shriners have a large, natural tree placed in the main area where we hold
services. They will place it anywhere within that area we would prefer.
--There is space for the Baptismal Font, a trolley for hymn books, and the Brown Bag Lunch tote
behind the white curtain in the room where we hold services.
--He will check with Gerry Lowe, of the City's P.A.C., to determine if there are any restrictions
with regard to putting a church sign or banner in front of the building.
The Board thanked Barry Mabey for his attendance and presentation at the meeting.

Minister's Remarks-Rev. Dr. Stevenson read scripture from the Book of Deuteronomy. She
invited those in attendance to read passages from the scripture, and asked the question, "How
do you use your resources for God?".
--A copy of The Observer will be available for circulation throughout the congregation.
--Rev. Dr. Stevenson will purchase 6 New Revised Standard versions of the Bible for the congregation.
Brian Walker will purchase one, and the remainder may be purchased or donated by the congregation.
--M & S has been delegated to the Worship Committee.
--Rev. Dr. Stevenson visited with Mel & Bette Vincent this afternoon.
Christian Education-Sunday School began last Sunday, October 1st.
Worship Committee-Tracy addressed the following issues.
--The Committee has reviewed Rev. Dr. Stevenson's schedule to the end of the year.
--A special presentation by Ross Sherwood regarding his time of Mission & Service in Kenya is
being planned. Also in the planning stages is a presentation by the Larche Community Players.
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3,2017
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Worship Committee (continued):
--They are arranging for pulpit supply.
--There is a need for produce for Thanksgiving Sunday this week. Following the service,
the produce/fruit will be given to the East Saint John Food Bank for distribution.
--Communion. Bill & Lois Drew and Sharon Thurlow are the Communion team on Sunday.
--A service trolley is needed for the Sunday School. Brian Walker suggested the area where
it will be stored should be measured prior to purchasing one.
--Tracy has subscribed for a music license.
--Christmas Eve service. Tracy made the motion that the Christmas Eve service be held at
4:00 p.m. on December 24th. Linda Clarke seconded. Motion Carried.
--Park Avenue United Church sign. Vince Galbraith's name should be removed from the sign,
and the worship service time needs to be changed.
--Allison Capson requested Rev. Dr. Stevenson put a Minister's Message on the website.
--The Committee is thinking of using a power point for the hymns and bulletin. Cheryl McDade,
of Glenview United Church, is willing to do this. Tracy made the motion that power point be
used for the hymns and bulletin. Darlene Friars seconded. Motion carried.
--There will be a combined service for Park Avenue United, Glenview United, Silver Falls United,
and St. Andrew St. David United at St. Andrew St. David United on October 29th.
--Park Avenue United's Anniversary service will be November 9th.
--The Reign of Christ service will be November 24th hosted by Park Avenue United at a venue
to be decided.
Choir-Darlene advised that Tracy has provided a keyboard for her downstairs at our present
Venue, and practice is at 9:15 a.m. on Sundays.
Membership/Records-Betty MacDougall has recently updated same.
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3, 2017
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Treasurer's Report-Brian Walker, Treasurer, gave the following report.
(Board Members had been provided with copies of Receipts and Disbursements for the month
of August, 2017)
--There was a deficit of $500.00 for the month of July. There was not a lot of activity in August.
Not all reports are in for September, as yet. There is a deficit of $1,564.00 for the year.
There are 4 areas that are fluid over the next 4 months-Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Christmas,
and Christmas Baskets. Allison suggested that we bring this to the attention of the congregation.
Brian agreed. We are in transition every month, so things are changing. It will take awhile for us
to adjust.
Brian stated that he is often questioned "How long are we able to survive?". There is $20,000.00
in the bank; $1,500.00 in the Cochrane Fund; $25,000,00 Line of Credit. Our liabilities are only
current ones. We can, only, take 20 percent ($570.00) a month from Housing to support our
Minister. Our revenue is $5,500.00 a month. Disbursements, which we have to pay each
month, amount to $6,500.00 per month base. At that rate, the result would be 22 months.
However, the result is really dependant on givings/donations.
Brian moved for adoption of his report. Bob Lynch seconded. Motion carried.
Food Bank Report-Mary Lou Harrison reported that 278 vouchers were issued which included
149 adults and 255 children. There have been 40 new people served this month. Sobeys, Wal-
Mart, and Costco support the Food Bank with food donations. There is a need for cereal and
children's snacks.
Other (Thank you to Vince Galbraith & Steve Longmoore)-Darlene looked after this. She got
Steve Longmore a gift certificate for Swiss Chalet restaurant.
Board of Trustees-Howard Carle, Chair, gave the following report.
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3, 2017
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Board of Trustees (continued):
--There was damage to a corner of the church siding, and it has been repaired.
--The plaster over the inside backstairs at the church is being repaired by Steve Gallant.
--Both outside railings have been repaired at the Hall.
--Vandals have tried to pry the back door of the church and the side door of the Hall, as a
result, the outside lights are now being left on.
--The church's oil fill pipe cap was off on the ground, and the oil level is down. Since the
heat has been turned off for months, Howard will contact Irving Oil to request a locking cap
for the fill pipe.
--The insurance company is charging an extra $32.00 per year for a rider to cover rentals
at this venue. Our insurance policy has been delivered to Shelley and Barry at the venue.
M & P Committee-Daryl Hamilton, Chair, welcomed Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson and her
husband, David Storey, to Park Avenue United. He will be meeting with Rev. Dr. Stevenson
Daryl thanked Darlene Friars and Joyce MacKinnon for the work they do.
U.C.W.-Doris Messer has given the secretary, Shelley, at our new venue a list of the members.
There are, at present, 8 or 9 ladies attending. They will meet next week at our new venue.
Presbytery Representative-Bob Lynch gave the following report.
Presbytery met on September 12th. There has been a lot of attention on mental health programs
in the media, recently, and there is a proposal that all clergy take a 5-day course as part of clergy
training at a future date. This proposal would have to be passed by Maritime Conference and
others prior to acceptance.
--Audrey Lounder will be retiring on October 27th.
--St. Andrews in Norton is closed.
--The recent lack of sale of Park Avenue United in August was mentioned, as well as the fact that
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3, 2017
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the church building is still on the market for sale. Glenview United's status with regard to
the sale of the church building was, also, mentioned.
--Hampton United, St. Paul's in Sussex, and Andrew Donald United are presently being served
by Joy Cowan, a student from the University of Toronto, who is living in Sussex.
"ONE" Executive Committee-Brian Walker reported that the "One" Executive and Tracy Friars,
representing the "One" Committee, met on September 27th. The previous meeting took place
in June.
--Each of the Board Chairs reported on property.
Silver Falls United are arranging for a real estate appraisal, but there is no move to sell, as yet.
Saint Andrew St. David-it is questionable whether it is saleable.
Park Avenue United & Glenview United are for sale.
--It was felt that the "One" Committee had lost momentum. However, they are in general agreement
to go forward. A report from Rev. Steve Longmoore presented by Jim Shillington brought new light
about moving forward. This document became quite a discussion point. It was decided that someone
other than the Board or congregation was needed to promote the "One" concept. Reverends Steve
Longmoore and Elizabeth Stevenson were suggested. The meeting ended on a high. There is a concept
of a new beginning and where we want to go.
Rev. Dr. Stevenson stated she has met with Rev. Steve Longmoore on Friday. They have some ideas,
and hopefully will have something by November. Brian requested she attend the next meeting of the
"One" Executive at 8:00 a.m. on October 11th at the Dobson Boardroom on Rothesay Avenue. He, also,
requested Rev. Longmoore and Tracy Friars attend.
PROPERTY MATTERS: Allison reported that Don Ketchum, Realtor, has had 3 inquiries regarding the
sale of Park Avenue United Church. One has declined, but two are active.
CORRESPONDENCE: Daryl will be looking into arranging final plans for Cool Chicks & Ugly Doclings
to perform a concert at our new venue. Tracy reported that she will try to arrange a concert by
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Park Avenue United Church
Board Meeting of October 3, 2017
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Debbie & Delbert in the Spring of 2018. She did mention that the duo are booked into the
new year, and that Delbert had suffered a heart attack a week ago.
Victor Messer made the motion for the meeting to end. Daryl Hamilton seconded.
Today's meeting began at 3:30 p.m., and ended at 5:35 p.m.
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson gave the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Capson