3:30 PM

PRESENT: Allison Capson, Chair
Maureen Adamson Janet Capson Howard Carle Linda Clarke Darlene Friars Tracy Friar
Mary Lou Harrison Rev. Steve Longmoore Bob Lynch
Betty MacDougall Jean Stevens Brian Walker

Allison Capson welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Rev. Steve Longmoore.

After a time of silence, remembrances of two departed church members - Lloyd Ginn and Carolyn Kerr - were shared by the members of the Board. Both will be missed by their family, their church family and their community.


Steve Longmoore was thanked for his service at the combined service on April 30th. Nathan Spavold did a wonderful job with his presentation as well.

Bob Lynch thanked Tracy for all her help, especially for participating in the services at Park Avenue.


The Minutes of the last meeting of April 4th did not get circulated and will be reviewed for the next meeting.


A committee made up of Darlene Friars, Jill Eckstone, Gerry Hamilton and Tracy Friars came together to look for alternative space for future worship services for PAUC. Several locations were

considered; the location recommended by this committee is the Luxor Shriner Building which is located at 14 McLaughlin Crescent, relatively close to our current location.

Tracy offered pros and cons for this location and others that were considered. After discussion,
It was moved by Jean Stevens and seconded by Howard Carle that we select the Luxor Shriner Building on McLaughlin Crescent as temporary location for our church services for a period of one year, once our church sale is finalized, with an out clause of 90 days.


Steve Longmoore asked who would be providing liability insurance when the PAUC worship services are being held there. Allison said that PAUC would be responsible for the liability insurance.


Tracy confirmed that all paperwork has been signed with our proposed minister beginning with the fall services, and that all paperwork will go to Presbytery for approval next Tuesday evening. This minister will be part-time, leading services on two Sundays per month and looking after pastoral care.

Rev. Longmoore indicated that we should inform Presbytery about our selection of the Shriner location for future services and that we should also inform our congregation.
Should the Park Avenue sale be finalized, summer worship will be as follows: July - Glen View
August - Silver Falls with all services at 10:00 AM.
MEMBERSHIP - Betty MacDougall
Betty MacDougall reported the following membership of Park Avenue United Church: 49 active members, representing 38 households
11 inactive members
2 members in Nursing Homes 2 adherents


Allison noted that discussions are still ongoing with regard to the potential sale of the church and that a Special Board Meeting may be required this week.

An inventory list has been prepared and some discussion was held on what items might move with the church, and what might remain. A log of this information is being kept and this will be further discussed.

FINANCE - Brian Walker

Financial reports have been circulated for the period ending April 30, 2017. Some info from the Financials:
- we are in the red on April 30, 2017;
- we did not meet our budget for Lent;
- last year when preparing our budget, we built in our transitioning in ministry;
- Vince is looking after pastoral care until the end of August;
- we are now looking at a part-time minister salary, benefits, housing allowance from September to the end of the year; original projection was $30,992 - the actual cost will be
$32,403 (not sure of travel);
- some expenses regarding the ONE process will not occur;
- looking ahead to the fall of 2017, we assume an expense of monthly rental for our new location, a loss of income rental, reduction of operational expenses which would leave us ahead by $1000 for 2017;
- for 2018, we anticipate a reduction in expenses by $25,000, rental loss of $9,000, rental expenses for our new location of $16,000 leaving us with a surplus of $3000 - $4000 for 2018;
- we must keep our church family together and we must move together;
- we must communicate what we are doing and make sure our people are engaged;
- our new part-time minister will be coming in to lead us - we must share this with our congregation as soon as we can;
- next Tuesday, Presbytery will meet and hopefully everything will be approved at this meeting;

Brian noted that we have had a line of credit in place in the amount of $25,000; to maintain this line of credit, there is an administrative cost of $250 per year.

After discussion,

It was moved by Brian Walker and seconded by Janet Capson, that we discontinue our line of credit with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce as it is no longer needed.


East Saint John Food Bank Report - Mary Lou Harrison

Mary Lou Harrison reported the following for the month of April: 269 Vouchers representing 509 adults and 245 children
Mary Lou said she hoped the Food Bank could remain (should the church sale go through); they are making more space and moving heaters; they are also getting a new refrigerator. She would like to get some dividers and wooden chairs for the food bank.


Howard indicated that there is one rental of the hall in June - Fundy Engineering. It was confirmed that we can proceed with this rental.


Bob read some items from the last Presbytery meeting.

He noted that the Clothing Depot had 61 new clients and that it was in the need of household items, microwaves, pots/pans, etc.


A lovely Easter card had been received from Lorna Boyd and was circulated to the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM with a departing prayer by Steve Longmoore.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Adamson, Secretary Allison Capson, Chair

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