Draft Copy
TUESDAY, AUGUST 15 2017 3:30 PM
Present: Allison Capson, Chair
Maureen Adamson
Janet Capson
Howard Carle
Linda Clarke
Bill Drew
Darlene Friars
Tracy Friars
Daryl Hamilton
Gerry Hamilton
Mary Lou Harrison
Rev. Steve Longmoore
Betty MacDougall
Doris Messer
Jean Stevens
Rev. Elizabeth Stevenson


The meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM by the Chair, Allison Capson and was opened with a prayer by Rev. Longmoore.

Rev. Elizabeth Stevenson was introduced to the meeting. Rev. Stevenson will be Park Avenue's clergy (part-time) as of September 1st.


Darlene thanked Daryl and Gerry Hamilton for their work over the summer months collecting the Sunday offerings while we have been on rotation. Janet thanked Gerry for keeping the lawn cut during the summer.

Brian, Allison and Tracy were thanked for all their work over the summer as were the Trustees.


Allison provided a bit of humour to the meeting.


The sale of the church has come to a disappointing conclusion as the purchaser has withdrawn its offer. The purchaser recently acquired a new church in Nova Scotia which requires renovations and thus is unable to complete the purchase of our church.


Allison reviewed the Financials as of July 31, 2017.

- Memorial General Receipts should reflect a gift of $477 to the Memorial Fund - a donation in memory of Carolyn Kerr.

- Church Maintenance Disbursements $1300 has been included as it is our September 2017 rent at our new worship location.

- Church and Hall Oil Disbursements do not include final settlements of approximately $2300 which will appear in August reporting.

After review,

It was moved by Darlene Friars and seconded by Howard Carle that we accept the Financial Report of July 31, 2017 as presented.



The Trustees have met to decide on what we should do next regarding the church. It was suggested that we list the church, church hall and property for sale. We also need to decide who will handle the listing. From a business point of view, ONE has dealt with a realty agent involved with the sale of St. Joachim's church. He has been instrumental in selling other churches - 3 already - and he is now in the process of selling Glen View United Church. The Board of Trustees has met with the agent in question and the agent was impressed with the Park Avenue and its condition. This gentlemen has suggested an asking price of $425,000 - his commission would be 5%, there would be a 12-month listing fee. The Agent's name is Don Ketchum and he is with Ketchum Realty. Mr. Ketchum has a large portfolio of churches, and has sole several that have continued on as churches. Some questioned the new figure of $425,000. As well, the importance of maintaining the food bank at its current location was discussed. This will be promoted.

We will have the chimney inspected to see if the repairs need to be made right away or if they can be delayed for a while.

Our lawyer, who was looking after the original offer on the church, has yet to submit a bill. When Allison asked for his bill, he said that he would not be billing us. After discussion,

It was moved by Janet Capson and seconded by Gerry Hamilton that we provide our lawyer, Dwight Allaby, with an honorarium of two hundred dollars ($200) for services rendered during the process of selling the church.


It was moved by Howard Carle and seconded by Tracy Friars that we list the church buildings and property for sale with Don Ketchum of Ketchum Realty for an asking price of $425,000 upon approval from Presbytery to do so.


Two letters were read from concerned parishioners with regard to our move to the Luxor Shriners Centre for our Sunday services. Concern was expressed as to whether we should remain in the church now that the sale has not been completed and to the costs associated with its upkeep while attending service at another location.

Howard Carle has reviewed the costs involved with keeping the church maintained over the next few months while we proceed to conduct Sunday services elsewhere:

Total yearly cost Open Church = $20,974 Closed Church = $13,074 Saving = $7,900

Per month cost Open Church = $ 1,747 Closed Church $ 1,089 Saving =$ 658

In addition, we will leave the furnace turned off until November which will result in no further oil deliveries required until the end of November providing additional savings of $1,800 or $600/mth. This savings along with the above building savings will more than cover the amount required for the total rent of $1300/m. until year end.
Tracy indicated that we would be sharing costs with Glen View United Church, assuming the sale of their church is completed. We should also remember that we have a 90-day out clause regarding our rental agreement with the Shriners.
Rev. Stevenson asked about insurance and Howard indicated that he had spoken to Mitchell McConnell about insurance at our new location and this is already in place.

It was agreed that we should arrange an information session to advise the congregation that we are moving forward. It was agreed that a letter would be circulated to the congregation followed up with an information session where information would be provided once again and questions could be posed.

After much discussion

It was moved by Tracy Friars and seconded by Jean Stevens that we would hold an information session on Tuesday, August 22nd at 7 PM at the Luxor Shriners Centre, prior to which we will issue a written invitation to church members to attend; and further, that we would have a meet and greet gathering on Wednesday, September 6th at 7 PM also at the Luxor Shriner Centre so that everyone could meet and welcome our new minister, Rev. Stevenson.


Further, after discussion,

It was moved by Daryl Hamilton and seconded by Bill Drew that we hold our services and other events at the Luxor Shriners Centre beginning in September 2017 as originally planned.


It was further decided that some items from the current location need to be transported to the Shriner location in anticipation of our first service: the organ, pulpit, baptismal font, etc.

Tracy noted that the Worship Committee would be meeting with Rev. Stevenson to review the first service. Janet asked about the first Communion (at Thanksgiving) and if members are available to serve at that time. Betty MacDougall will check on those assigned to this Communion.


There is a need for a dumpster for the Food Bank and some discussion was held on the best location for this dumpster. As well, it was suggested that a padlock be placed on the dumpster.


Rev. Stevenson thanked the meeting for welcoming her to the congregation and to the meeting today. She is looking forward to joining us on our journey.


Rev. Longmoore was thanked for all he has done for us over the past few months.


There being no further business to discuss,

It was moved by Howard Carle and seconded by Daryl Hamilton that the meeting adjourn.


The meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

__________________________ ______________________________
Maureen Adamson, Secretary Allison Capson, Chair