In 1879, a church building was dis-assembled at Loch Lomond and reerected at Red Head on land donated by Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Gibson. That same building has been in continuous use as a place of worship since that time, although it has been renovated a number of times and moved once.

The Red Head Methodist Church formed part of a pastoral charge which included Brookville, Silver Falls and Mispec. In 1925, with Church Union, it became part of the East Saint John United Church. For 15 years, from 1963 until 1978,it formed part of the Silver Falls Charge. It is currently part of the Park Avenue Charge. In the late 1920!::, the first major renovations were made to the church when the walls and ceiling were sheathed and a platform built.
The pulpit and communion rail, built and donated by Thomas G. Northrup, were installed at that time. Mr. Northrup was the grandfather of the late Helen Thompson, and great-grandfather of Ann Thompson, a current member of the church.

In 1963, a hall was built to accommodate Christian education needs, at a cost of $15,000, plus a great deal of voluntary labour. Five years later, the church was moved onto a new foundation and was joined directly to the hall. In 1972, the interior of the church was completely redecorated with pews, carpeting, paneling and a heating system. In May 1988, new pews were purchased for the church. A plaque on the back wall celebrates the dedication of these pews.

Moffatt, Phyllis and AI Guidry, Garfield and Lorraine Lucas, Garnet and Ann Hawkes, Hellen and Ralph Thompson, Jean McIlveen, Velma McNichol, Hewitt Johnson, Verda Cossaboom, Dick and Muriel Matthews, Phyllis Matthews, Mattie Parker, Anice Scott, Lois Ingersoll, to name a few. Many of you will probably have more names than this.
We have enjoyed the support of LNG, Fundy Engineering, the local Red Head Community Association and others who have used our hall for special events.

We have appreciated the music played over the years by Blanche Flewelling (who was here when I started to attend and I believe for over 50 years as organist), Apryll Stansfield, her mother Sheila Stansfield, Colleen Beesley and most recently Darlene Friars who has so graciously agreed to get us to the end of this year.

Ministers in the most recent years:
Rev. Jim MacDonald
Rev. Jim McLaughlin-Butler
Rev.Tom Robinson
Rev. PaulRodey
and Vince Galbraith, DLM

There is a rich history of this little church and we should all be happy
to remember how well it has served this community and its people over
the last 135 years.

(prepared by Maureen Adamson)

The History of Red Head United Church 1879 - 2014